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Privacy-protecting, simple and safe.

The blinkHEALTHPASS™ verification system enables your organization to confirm an individual’s health status prior to entry with a verification app, using criteria (vaccinations, test results) that your organization specifies.

Use of QR codes can deidentify patients and their data, protecting privacy while permitting access. Employees do not need to share health details with security or front desk personnel.

Integrate with NFC or RFID access control systems

Verify function optimized for phone or tablet use

Works with handheld devices or fixed kiosks


blinkHEALTHPASS™ enables you to create your own bubble at each place of operation, whether an office building, campus facility, factory, distribution center, or retail location, to verify that those who enter meet the health and safety standards defined by your organization, mitigating business risk while fully reopening.

blinkHEALTHPASS™ uses a mobile app and private, HIPAA-compliant cloud that allows your organization to aggregate and standardize 3rd-party COVID test and vaccination data for employees, students, or guests, ensuring a safe operating environment while maintaining privacy.

blinkHEALTHPASS™ is the only solution that puts your business in complete control of your employee testing and vaccination data across any range of operations, globally.


Eliminate the headache of managing hundreds of thousands of health records. blinkHEALTHPASS operationalizes this data by automating the matching of data to employee records to provide a verified health status.

Administrative dashboards and reports allow you to understand the overall health status of your organization, compliance with testing and vaccination policies, and potential hotspots across your various locations.

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Administrative Features

  • Batch create and update employee accounts from HR data, which may come from an import, an API, or any other data transmission protocol
  • Create visitor accounts for pre-registered guests
  • Manage verify users and set roles
  • Determine what is viewed by verifier
  • Manage venues and stations/entry points
  • Manage access rules based on medical records
  • Account for users who have presented a paper vaccine credential

HIPAA-compliant, secure infrastructure

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*blinkTEST is not available for sale, pending FDA submission and approval

blinkHEALTHPASS aggregates and standardizes data from multiple sources via integration with interoperable, verified credential providers following W3C industry standards.

Blink Science integration solutions enable information asset connectivity between client HR and access control systems, 3rd-party health care providers, digital health consortiums, and the blinkCLOUD– a flexible and high performing network, purpose-built for securely managing health and identity data.

Integration Services

We have a fully-dedicated managed integration team capable of rapidly and efficiently delivering technology solutions and value:

  • Data transformation, replication, or data warehouse solutions
  • Secured data transmission
  • Integration with HR and access control systems
  • Integration with most clinical resources
  • Support of HL7, FHIR or any other custom data exchange format
  • Support of 3rd party digital verifiable credentials
  • HIPAA, PHI, PII compliance
  • Internationlization and multi-language support
  • Accessible to Level A and AA standards of WCAG 2.0
  • Remote monitoring, alerting, and auditing

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