Maximizing Global Health

We are working to put instant point-of-care testing and electronic health records in the palm of your hand.


Results in the blink of an eye

Now more than ever, the world needs rapid, reliable, low-cost, and portable diagnostics.

We’re developing an ultra-accurate, low-cost test strip and a handheld reader with the potential to deliver lab-quality diagnostic results in seconds for infectious diseases like COVID-19, heart attacks, cancers, brain injuries, and much more.

blinkTEST reader
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Low Cost

Ultra low cost, disposable test strips and an inexpensive strip reader.


Handheld device with Bluetooth smartphone connectivity.

Lab Quality

Preliminary data indicated ultra-accurate +/- results for COVID-19.

Instant Results

Nearly instant results. Takes seconds, not minutes or hours.

Our goal is to bring affordable, near-instant testing and a full suite of personal health technologies to more than a billion underserved families around the world.


Return to work, safely.

blinkHEALTHPASS™ is an enterprise business solution that enables your organization to verify an individual’s health status prior to entry, using criteria (vaccinations, test results) that your organization specifies.

Data Integration

Aggregates and standardizes 3rd-party COVID test and vaccination data & matches to employee records

Secure Presentation

Presents deidentified employee data for verification through a secure, privacy protecting QR code

Simple Verification

Verifies an employee’s health status, using business-specified criteria (vaccination, test results), with a simple scan of the QR code

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